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I began my photography career covering politics, documenting the 2012 presidential election for, and then serving as Governor Nathan Deal's Official Photographer. From product photography to lifestyle shots, I excel in various styles to suit your needs. Whether you're a budding startup or an established business or a bride on her wedding day, my lens adapts to your needs.


Website and Social Media Integration

Once people have their images they may struggle with integrating those images to elevate their brand. I have expanded my portfolio to help nonprofits, government organizations, and small businesses seamlessly integrate visuals on their websites and social media platforms. I have won national awards in branding packages, website design, and newsletter design. I have a track record of increasing brands’ social media following and engagement. 

Brand Enhancement

I collaborate with you to understand your brand story and values, tailoring each photoshoot to enhance your brand's narrative. Let your visuals speak volumes about your professionalism and dedication.

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